Gal Harpaz

aboutBorn in Israel in 1971, Gal Harpaz spent much of his early life living in South, Central America and the Washington D.C. area. The son of an Israeli diplomat who spent 15 years abroad, Gal started to fragment his inner being and way of visualizing early on as a mechanism of making sure he could always adapt to the culture he was immersed into at that moment. At 17 he returned to Israel for what seemed to be a final place to settle into adulthood. Three years in the Israeli military, one year as a photo assistant to a product photographer and two years of photography studies at Haddassah College of Technology in Jerusalem proved to be long enough in one place. Anxious to get out to the real world, he moved to NYC to try his luck in the Big Apple. Within a month he was hired as First Assistant and Studio Manager for world renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Francesco Scavullo. After 4 years with Scavullo, Gal moved to L.A. where he started his long career of freelance assisting on productions with a large gamut of the worlds leading photographers. Throughout this period and through the opportunities presented from the locations, people and situations he was thrust into on a daily basis, Gal crafted his personal art and photography style, as well as his long time love affair with polaroid film. The intricacies of creating his imagery include traveling all over the world with Polaroid film [with all its many hurdles], the interactions with the subjects, the environment, the elements and the efforts it takes to make it happen... all end up having to give in to the elements of unforgiving surprise that Polaroid has to offer. Intentionally and intently using it's beauty with his eye for seeing the world around him in fragments - either as part of a panoramic view in his POLARAMAS, or a moment in his son's life in THEO-ROIDS or a story in one of his collages mounted on WOOD and laquered. That is what defines him an artist . The love for the process of creation from beginning to end is what keeps him an artist. And the hopes of sharing his experiences with the world through his unique visual perspectives is what drives it all forward. He lives with his wife, son and their two dogs in L.A.